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Pole Dancing in Your Home...

Imagine you are in a room in your home. While dressed for comfort and ease of movement, a 6 foot pink boa cascades down your body, a sequined newsboy hat sits perched on your head cocked at a edgy angle, and a pair 4” spiked heels adorn your feet.

Laughter and words of encouragement, from 10 of your closest friends, fill the air. Then the strobe lights come up and your music selection begins to play. This is it! You are ready to put together all that you have learned in the past 2 hours… It’s your Grand Finale!

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Start Your Own Business With Us
Start your own pole dancing business. We can help you get started.

~ It is the ONLY Party Plan company to offer both immediate & residual income streams.

About Pole Parties

Independent Business Owners get paid for pole dancing instruction and can earn income from selling product – two immediate, potential income streams.

~ We offer a high quality, natural, body-friendly spa line with a fabulous Network Marketing compensation plan.

~ Ladies love attending our parties! Over 300 partygoers have attended our parties and 99% of attendees want to re-attend.

~ Our parties are experiential and cater to women of all backgrounds, needs, fitness levels, shapes, and sizes.

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Call Now: 1-708-307-8722

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